Lanciano (Chieti)

Diocesan Museum

Definitive and executive project of the exhibition


One of the most important museums of sacred art of the region was opened to the public in 2002 and collects objects originating mostly from cathedrals, but also Diocesan churches and the Archbishop’s Palace, dating from the XIII to the XX century.

Located in the great halls on the second floor of the 17th century Seminarian Palace of Lanciano, the museum is built over one thousand square meters of exhibition space. Paintings, sculptures, gold, ex voto, furnishings, embroideries, manuscripts and valuable bindings are all housed spaciously with an innovative exhibition organized by thematic areas. This organization was created to offer the visitor an historical, social and religious path of the territory. The museum displays not strictly sacred works of art, but also civil works of art like the notable jewelry collection mostly ex voto, donated to the Madonna of the Ponte by local noblewomen.

The exhibition design curated by ME foresaw the production of technological showcases with highly specialized preventative conservation techniques, didactic panels and display systems for the important painting collections often composed of painted canvases and very large boards.

Il progetto di allestimento, curato da ME, ha previsto la realizzazione di vetrine tecnologiche con elevate prestazioni di conservazione preventiva, di pannelli didascalici e del sistema espositivo per l’importante quadreria, composta spesso da dipinti su tela e su tavola di grandi dimensioni.