Loggia dei Mercanti, Exhibition “The Municipal Police Agent”

Exhibit design and production of the exhibition


The exhibition was set up in the Loggia dei Mercanti at the Palazzao della Ragione and occupied circa 400 square meters of space. The exhibition path started at the central arcades facing via dei Mercanti and ended at the opposite arcades that look out onto the Piazza Mercanti.
The partial closure of the arcades of the Loggia on the four sides defined a series of micro-perforated sheets suspended by self-bearing metal structures.
The covered area of the Loggia was organized by a series of exhibit partitions about 2.5 meters tall. They were placed freely in the area so as not to interfere with the stones positioned on the pilasters of the Loggia.
There was a central, circular element that was open and permeable in different places that served as a “container” of the section dedicated to the historic relics of the space, as seen on the boards and showcases made especially for them.
The lighting was designed using a series of spots positioned on the self-bearing structures where both the electrical system and the sound system were secured.