Civic Museums of Palazzo Buonaccorsi,
Carrozza Museum

Exhibition design, illumination, graphics, multimedia and project management


The production of the Carrozza Museum constitutes the first part of the exhibition in the palazzo and is drawn-out in the thousand square meters of the basement floor throughout structured spaces filled with charm. The design called for a complex integration between organizational choices and existing spaces, between the exposition of the carriages and the graphic tools and multimedia forms of communication that required a close collaboration between the ME team and the museum’s management.
New flooring was overlaid in the rooms and differentiated the paths designed for the visitors and those of the carriages. First wood slats were laid and covered with natural small grit to suggest the original surface that the carriages traveled on.
The polyester cloth paneling positioned on the back of the carriages is illuminated with an oblique light from below and creates a sophisticated play on light and backlight while still illuminating the carriages exquisitely and perfectly defining their every mechanical and structural detail.
The interactive videos and traditional graphic materials built around the carriages give a contextual parallel outline of vehicles from the lands of Macerata in their time, produced in a dynamic sequence with sound of the historical images evoking places, people and the culture.
Touch screens created specifically for this project replace the traditional captions and are at the visitors’ disposal to choose whatever information interests them, while at the same time they are inspired to learn more.
The great collection of tacks in composite materials are in a specific area and organized in a large showcase built to collect and display them in prime micro-climatic conditions and ideal lighting for their preventative conservation.